The 47-year-old defendant, later identified as Th0mas, was sentenced to 40 years to life in prison for his involvement in the death of his 70-year-old mother, Linda. Prosecutors stated that Thomas pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and arson and received his sentence this week.

During the investigation, authorities determined that Thomas had been residing in his mother’s basement. The tragic incident occurred in early December last year. Prosecutors reported that Thomas stabbed his elderly mother more than 20 times and nearly decapitated her following an argument about the voIume of the video game he was playing.

Investigators also learned that Thomas had been using the gaming console his mother had given him before the argument over the volume escalated. Enraged, Thomas grabbed a knife and inflicted more than 20 stab wounds on his mother. He then set her body on fire shortly after the killing.

When police arrived at the scene, they found Thomas with self-inflicted stab wounds. Authorities noted that Thomas had previously been ejected from his parents’ home but was recently allowed to return before the tragic events unfolded.