Sacramento, CA – According to the police officials, the 54-year-old granddad, later identified as Jason, was arrested and later charged with multiple charges, including child endangerment following an incident earlier this month. Police officials said the 54-year-old suspect, who was reportedly drunk, allegedly left his 7-year-old granddaughter with a homeless woman so he could go to the local bar and get a drink. The granddad reportedly paid the woman $20 and left the child because she seemed trustworthy.

Police officials released a statement, saying that the granddad reportedly left the child so he could go and get a drink. Following the incident, the individual proceeded to wander around, seeking assistance and making alarming statements, including declarations about a supposed kidnapping for human trafficking involving a 7-year-old. Earlier this month, authorities in California responded after the 911 caller told the dispatcher that someone was pleading for help to find his grandchild. Shortly after, authorities launched a search.

The homeless woman heard about the search and brought the child to the parking lot. The woman, Lauren, told investigators that Jason reportedly gave her money to take his granddaughter to a store. The woman also told investigators that the 54-year-old man was very drunk and she believed he was not capable of taking care of the little girl. The homeless woman then took the little girl and gave her food. 

Police official also revealed that the child’s aunt had full custody of the girl, but asked Jason to take care of the girl while she was at work. During an interview with investigators, the grandfather reportedly said that he left the child with the homeless woman because she looked trustworthy. The 54-year-old granddad also knew he couldn’t take the girl into the bar so he left her with the homeless woman. According to L&C, when authorities asked the grandfather if he would leave his granddaughter again, he said: “Yes, I would. Everything I did I told God and I said, you know what, it’s your will God, not mine.”