19 May 2022

Author: Emma Mason


“One of them suggested that he could have been attention-seeking”, Parents say they spent months begging doctors to take their son’s symptoms seriously before the baby was finally diagnosed with a life-threatening tumor

Parents of a 3-year-old boy say that doctor reportedly told them that their son’s symptoms were just ‘attention seeking’ until the toddler was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. The parents also said that they spent months begging the doctors to take the little boy’s symptoms seriously….


Woman says she went to 8 different doctors, did all kinds of tests and everybody just kept telling her she had anxiety until she was diagnosed with “exceedingly rare” type of cancer

The young woman claims she knew something was wrong after she was suffering from heart rate and blood pressure issues for more than a year. She reportedly made multiple visits to the hospital to determine the cause of these health problems. Unfortunately, the doctors reportedly told…

Local News

Governor Bill Lee called on organizations across the state to donate summer camp spots for Tennessee kids in foster care during National Foster Care Month

Chattanooga, TN – According to the statement, more than 100 churches have partnered with Tennessee Fosters Hope by inviting their congregations to serve as foster families, offer support to foster families and provide training about trauma-based care. Governor Bill Lee released the following statement: “Earlier…