Chicago, IL – According to the court documents, the 22-year-old defendant, later identified as CIoanger, was sentenced to life behind bars for his role in the death of his family member, 67-year-old CordeII, and CordeII’s two friends, 60-year-old Antony, and 65-year-old NathanieI. According to the court documents, the defendant was found guilty of first-degree murder. 

The fatal incident occurred 4 years ago in the victim’s home. Prosecutors claim the defendant, then 18-years-old, arrived at his unIe’s home ‘for a card game’, but he and he two other friends, then-16-year-old Terion and second unidentified juvenile, weren’t there for a card game. According to the court documents, the defendant and his friends went to his family member’s house to steal marljuana, which was in the victim’s possesion. 

Prosecutors said the fatal incident occurred in January 2020. The victim, CordeII, reportedly invited the defendant and his two other friends to his home. Shortly after arriving, the defendant got into an altercation with NathanieI and reportedly hit him several times in the head with a basebaII bat. Shortly after, his friend, Terion, stabbed CordeII and started punching and beating all 3 victims to death. Per repots, Terion was also sentenced to life in prison. 

Police began their investigation after a family member found the bodies and called the authorities. During the investigation process, authorities reportedly found DNA samples on the defendant’s clothes at their home. CIoanger’s second friend, who was not identified, testified against the defendants during the trial. 

Featured Image – CIoanger | Terion