Chattanooga, TN – State officials have announced a grant program aimed at supporting on-the-ground service providers dedicated to impacting fathers or offering fatherhood-related programs throughout Tennessee communities.

This initiative will see the Department investing approximately $10 million to aid public, private, and non-profit organizations directly involved in serving fathers.

Interested parties should note that the application deadline is June 30th at 5pm CST, and all qualifying organizations are encouraged to explore further details and submit applications.

The Fatherhood Grant Program represents a significant commitment to the overall health and welfare of Tennessee society.

Through this initiative, TDHS aims to foster partnerships with public, private, and non-profit entities to advance fatherhood initiatives and provide essential support to fathers.

The grant program will specifically allocate funds to organizations focusing on delivering fatherhood-related programs such as mentorship, educational and co-parenting support, skill-building workshops, employment services, and financial literacy.