19 May 2022

Author: Emma Mason


Gov. Lee announced the appointments of Deputy Governor Butch Eley to also serve as Commissioner of the TDOT and Jim Bryson to serve as Commissioner of the F&A

Chattanooga, TN – According to the statement, Deputy Governor Butch Eley will reportedly lead strategic infrastructure modernization to prepare the state for continued growth. Deputy Governor Butch Eley will also continue to advise Lee as Deputy Governor and maintain an office in the State Capitol. Tennessee Governor…


“Doctors told me not to read up about the surgery but I was watching YouTube videos about it”, Baby born with a rare condition needed life-saving surgery at just 4-months-old to have his head fixed, his mom said

The mother said that her baby son was diagnosed with a potentially life threatening condition and needed surgery to get his head fixed. When the boy was born, the doctors told the mother that he had no soft spot on his head and a protruding lump…