21 Jul 2024

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Mom and dad claim son was told that he wasn’t allowed to touch their ‘medicine’ unless it was given directly to him before the boy overdosed from fentanyI!

Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA – According to the court documents, the 40-year-old mom, later identified as HoIIy, and the 41-year-old dad, later identified as Muosa, were taken into custody and later charged with multiple charges, including involuntary manslaughter and third-degree murder for their role in the death…


TDEC played a pivotal role in facilitating a significant federal grant of $1.5 million, aimed at addressing brownfields within a 13-county service area in partnership with the South Central Tennessee Development District

Chattanooga, TN – According to the state officials, this grant is part of a larger allocation of federal funding for brownfield remediation across Tennessee, totaling $5,632,807, with additional grants of $632,807 for the City of Dunlap and $3.5 million for the City of Chattanooga, as…


Caregiver, who admitted to putting infant down ‘little harder than normal’ leaving the baby with long-term medical consequences, was sentenced!

Minneapolis, MINNESOTA – According to the court documents, the 59-year-old defendant, later identified as MicheIIe, was sentenced to 7 years behind bars after she injured 6-month-old baby severely, leaving the infant in medically-induced coma, fighting for his life. Prosecutors said the child will likely have long-term…


Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has signed the Smart Heart Act into law, marking a significant step towards ensuring the safety of students in schools across the state

Chattanooga, TN – According to the state officials, this legislation mandates the presence of automatic defibrillators in schools and establishes clear protocols for responding to cardiac-related medical emergencies. Notably, the bill garnered unanimous, bipartisan support in the legislative process. Under the Smart Heart Act, every…