21 Jul 2024

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Man arrived at family member’s home ‘because he planned to steal marljuana in the victims’ possession’ only to start beating his uncIe and uncIe’s friends to death; sentenced

Chicago, IL – According to the court documents, the 22-year-old defendant, later identified as CIoanger, was sentenced to life behind bars for his role in the death of his family member, 67-year-old CordeII, and CordeII’s two friends, 60-year-old Antony, and 65-year-old NathanieI. According to the…


Woman adopted five children only to kill her daughter who had special needs and her son before she made someone from the home help her dispose of the bodies

Charlotte, N.C. – According to the police officials, the 63-year-old woman,  later identified as Avanta, was arrested and is now facing multiple charges, including first-degree murder, kidnapping, chiId abuse and other charges after authorities say she murdered 2 adoptive children by starving them to death. Per…


Baby dies after mom’s partner fractured his legs before ultimately killing the boy, the baby’s mom lied about her son falling from bed to protect herself

Las Vegas, NV – According to the police officials, the 28-year-old suspect, later identified as Chrstian, was arrested and later charged with first-degree murder, chiId abuse and other charged after he reportedly killed 1-year-old Kay. Police officials claim the mother’s boyfriend reportedly beat the child…