27 Oct 2021

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Local News

Chattanooga Crime on the Rise

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn – City officials in Chattanooga, Tennessee have reported that crime in the area has recently increased. Specifically, violent crimes, including homicide and violent shootings, have surged in the city over the past year. The reported increase in crime may contribute to the long-term…

Local News

Chattanooga’s winter bucket list

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn –  It is up to readers’ discretion to determine whether they feel comfortable participating in any mentioned events based on COVID-19 protocols and precautions. If you have questions, please contact the event’s organizers directly. Seasons greetings, Chattanooga. To help you get the most out…

Local News

Keeping your family safe and warm

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn – The Tennessee Valley experienced its first cold snap this week. As temperatures begin to drop, heat has become a necessity. Reliable heating and air conditioning says that they have seen a 30 to 40 percent increase in calls since temperatures have dropped…