CHATTANOOGA, Tenn – Scores were better overall this week. There were no failing scores, but one Chattanooga restaurant must repair their handwashing sink to avoid being shut down.

Chattanooga Smokehouse on East MLK Boulevard scored a 79. Inspectors said the water at the handwashing sink was not working, so employees were washing their hands at the sanitizer sink, where dishes are cleaned. Other employees were seen not washing their hands at all. Inspectors noticed several flies were present and a ceiling tile was missing in the kitchen. They said the food prep surface and a cutting board were being stored in the mop sink. The cover of a light fixture was also broken, exposing bulbs.

In Murray County, the Huddle House earned a 78. Inspectors said no managers working at the restaurant had their CFSM certification. They observed raw bacon and ham stored above 41 degrees in the pullout cooler underneath the prep table. They found an unapproved pesticide underneath the handwashing sink. Inspectors also said the electric fly trap was not working and needed to be replaced.

Congratulation to Donut Palace in Fort Oglethorpe and Hennen’s in Chattanooga on your perfect scores this week.

If you have a question about a restaurant, hotel, pool or gym, call your local health department