CHATTANOOGA, Tenn – If you’re looking to lose weight, a vegan diet might be a good choice since it can increase your metabolism. That’s the conclusion of a 2020 study published in JAMA Network Open. Researchers studied a low fat plant-based diet with 222 people between the ages of 25 and 75 with a BMI ranging between 28 and 40. They wanted to learn if a vegan diet could help with weight loss, reduce visceral fat, and improve metabolism.

The researchers are with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and they partnered with Dr. Gerald Shulman and Dr. Kitt Petersen from Yale University. They completed a four-month trial with 222 participants. One group of people in the study ate a low-fat vegan diet with portion sizes that were the same size as what they usually ate. The other group was the control group, which meant that they didn’t change any of their eating habits. Neither group altered their exercise habits (via Medical News Today).

The researchers had all participants limit their alcohol intake. Men were allowed up to two drinks a day, while women were limited to one drink a day. They took measurements before and after the four-month study — with big results.

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