Louisville, KY – According to the officials, the 32-year-old husband, later identified as MichaeI, was arrested and taken into custody after he reportedly killed his wife and her mom by shooting them to death. The man is now charged with murder of 33-year-old EmiIy and her mom, 56-year-old Betth. 

The fatal shooting occurred last week at the suspect’s home. The 911 caller told the dispatcher about a possible shooting. The responding deputies reportedly found both victims, the 56-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene. When deputies entered the home, they found a deceased woman, later identified by family as Beth on the first floor with a gunshot wound to the head.

Her 33-year-old daughter was reportedly found on the second floor who had also been shot in the head but was still alive. Unfortunately, she was pronounced dead shortly after. During an interview with investigators, the 32-year-old husband reportedly admitted to murdering his wife and her mom. The husband also told investigators that ‘he had a job to take both females out and had shot them in the head.’

The victim’s family launched a fundraiser to collect funds ‘for the family to use for the funeral and all the unforeseen expenses associated with this situation as they move forward.’ The fundraiser reportedly stated that the 56-year-old woman died instantly and her daughter received life threatening injuries from which she would not survive. The victim’s neighbor reportedly told local news outlet that the suspect’s friends were talking about him that ‘he was really bad on drugs and meth, and had been talking like that for weeks.’