Los Angeles, CA – According to the police officials, the 44-year-old girlfriend, later identified as Trissta, was taken into custody and later charged with murder after she reportedly killed her ex-boyfriend years ago and then burried his remains under her stairs. Police officials released a statement saying that the investigation began in 2022 after her present boyfriend, Waylan, reportedly told investigators that the woman asked him to help her get rid of her ex-boyfriend.

The man initially didn’t understand what she was talking about. When the woman told him that she buried her ex-boyfriend under the stairs, he didn’t believed her, the witness told authorities. During the investigation process, authorities reportedly discovered that the woman reportedly killed her ex-boyfriend, later identified as 42-year-old Erik, by hitting him in the head with a pan before she cut his throat. Police officials said the man was reported missing in 2014.

Police officers executed a search warrant on the suspect’s property and reportedly found a hidden storage compartment under her stairs. Inside the compartment, the responding officers reportedly found the victim’s remains. The victim was reportedly wrapped in air mattress after his then-girlfriend killed him. During an interview with investigators, the suspect’s boyfriend reportedly said that she started dating the 44-year-old woman in 2019.

The boyfriend also told investigators that they used drugs on daily basis. At one point in their relationship, the 44-year-old started talking about moving to a different state, but she ‘had to take care of something before leaving this property.’ That’s when the woman asked her present boyfriend to help her get rid of her ex-boyfriend. The witness then had a conversation with his mom, who reportedly advised him that he should call 911.