Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA – According to the court documents, the defendant, later identified as 37-year-old Aron, was found guilty of first-degree murder and is now facing life behind bars after he killed his ex-girlfriend, 24-year-old Mirele, last year.  Prosecutors said the defendant reportedly lured the young woman to the apartment they shared only to beat the woman and then strangle her to death. Prosecutors said that in 2022, the defendant reportedly threw his then-girlfriend over a balcony. The young woman. had a restraining order against the man in connection with that incident.

During the trial, the defendant’s lawyer reportedly said that their client ‘didn’t think he was capable of murdering the woman because he loved her too much. The lawyer also argued that their client’s intoxication from a night out with his friend, head injury from losing a fight at night club and the emotional tension from their relationship reportedly created the ‘perfect storm’ which led to MireIe’s death. The defendant reportedly got into a fight outside a night club, was reportedly knocked down. He then called his ex-girlfriend, begging her to pick him up from outside the club. She agreed, and drove him back to his apartment.

But, unfortunately, even though he had a restraining order, he reportedly contacted the young woman several times and asked her to pick hum up. When the woman agreed, they reportedly went to the apartment they previously shared. The security guard reportedly called 911 after he noticed that the defendant was pulling her into the residence as she screamed in fear. When the officers arrived on scene, they reportedly heard voices coming from the apartment. Unfortunately, the officers reportedly left the scene because no one opened the door.

Police officials released a statement, saying that the responding officers reportedly decided that they shouldn’t enter the home by force because they didn’t hear screaming. Shortly after they left, Aron killed his ex-girIfriend.  The victim’s family called 911 the following day when they realized that the victim didn’t return home. Shortly after he killed his ex-girlfriend, the defendant drove to his girlfriend where he told her that he killed the 24-year-old woman.