Chattanooga, TN – This amendment, a pivotal component of Governor Lee’s Strong Families Initiative, originally endorsed by the General Assembly in 2023, underscores Tennessee’s dedication to strengthening familial support systems across the state.

Commencing on June 1, 2024, the approved amendment extends eligibility criteria, allowing more parents and caregivers to qualify for TennCare coverage.

Additionally, in a groundbreaking move set to take effect in August 2024, TennCare will pioneer nationwide by covering the expenses of diapers, offering assistance of up to 100 diapers per month for both TennCare and CoverKids members under the age of two.

These progressive measures aim to alleviate financial strains on families while prioritizing the well-being of the youngest members of TennCare.

With this green light from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, TennCare can now proceed with finalizing the intricate logistics of implementing the diaper benefit.

Subsequent communications from TennCare will furnish comprehensive details on how eligible members can access this invaluable resource once the initiative is poised for launch.