19 Jan 2022

Category: Lifestyle


Straight Hair Is Dead

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn – “Everything old is new again,” etc., etc., whatever. I’ve heard this phrase a thousand times from various people in my life, and especially from my mom. She’s consistently aghast to find me spending $60 at a vintage clothing store for Jones New…


Everyone Will Be Doing For 2021?

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn – For those of us who’ve ever done an at-home facial mask, a clay mask was probably one of our first experiences. As oily, hormonal teens, we relied on them for their drawing properties, pulling out our bacteria and excess sebum, making us…


7 Best Dinner Hacks for Weight Loss

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn – In my opinion, dinner is almost always the feast meal. My breakfasts and lunches are pretty light—usually simple high-protein meals that keep me going throughout the workday. But when dinner rolls around, I’m always cooking up some big meal—especially one of these 99+ Best…


Live In The Library: Nina Ricci

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn – Nina Ricci is a folksinger and songwriter whose first album pays tribute to folk music legend Joan Baez.  Listen to her performance – and her conversation with Richard Winham – recorded live downtown at The Chattanooga Public Library.