21 Jul 2024

Category: Lifestyle


Do low-carb eaters burn more calories?

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn – A new study shows people can burn more calories on low-carb diets but only after the body adequately adapts, which takes about two and a half weeks. We have covered the numerous studies from Harvard physician and researcher Dr. David Ludwig showing that people eating a low-carb…


Rejoicing When The Red Wolves Arrive

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn – Red wolves are apex predators, critical to ecological balance.  Without them, the rest of us – humans, other animals and plants – cannot succeed.  Red wolves are endangered:  only seven known in the wild – and 250 under human care. Here in…


Online shopping safety

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – Americans have shattered records for online shopping since the pandemic began. Some analysts predict online sales could hit 10 billion dollars today, and reach nearly 190 billion dollars over the holiday season. Tennessee great-grandmother Debbie Jackson says she learned how easy it…