Chattanooga, TN – According to the statement, Governor Lee announced that he plans to sign the bill, making it law.

State officials say that this law will have a major impact on the ability of schools, businesses and local health boards to mandate masks or vaccines.

Governor Lee wants the new law to allow for hospital visits for COVID-19 patients in end-of-life care.

Gov. Lee released the following statement:

“There is an invitation to hospitalization visitation that we need to make a correction to and we’re going to look at every provision and see if there are other things we need to look at.

I think that most businesses don’t want the intervention that was delivered first by the federal government.

We had a federal government who required businesses, against their will, to require employees, against their will to make a personal health decision which is egregious overreach by the federal government.

That is what’s created the need to push back against that federal mandate. I think business owners understand that.”