CHATTANOOGA, Tenn – I am writing this letter to say why I am voting for Todd Gardenhire.  I have known Todd for about three years and I can tell he is a person who loves what he does and he loves the people of Tennessee State Senate District 10.

Todd spends countless hours volunteering in his district to help people. He also takes time to listen to the concerns of the people in his district. When he heard about the tragedy on the underpass on I-75 and I-24 split he quickly got the ball rolling to help get that fixed.

A few weeks ago when we had the devastating tornadoes that touch down in East Brainerd, Todd quickly volunteered to help by clearing debris and meeting with a number of families who lost their homes to the storms.

In addition, he was recently given the grade of A+ on the success he has accomplished in District 10.

Todd grew up and was raised in Chattanooga.  He graduated from Chattanooga City High and went on to earn a BA from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga In 1972.  He is on a number of committees in the Tennessee Senate including member, Finance, Ways and Means Committee, vice-chair, Joint Committee on Fiscal Review, Joint Committee on Pensions and Insurance, Judiciary Committee, and second vice-chair, State and Local Government Committee.  Not only is he a member of these great committees within our State senate, Todd is a member in a number of civic and faith organizations: the City of Cleveland and Bradley County Chamber of Commerce, Tennessee Valley Safari Club, Lookout Valley Presbyterian Church, and a former board member of Bethel Bible Village, also a member of the Hamilton County Pachyderm Club and a number of other great organizations.

Lastly, as mentioned Senator Todd Gardenhire is an honest and great man. I do believe he will continue to help the people in District 10. So as a result, I will vote for this great and honorable man.