CHATTANOOGA, Tenn -Campbell said Small Business Saturday is a great opportunity to highlight small businesses. 

“Small Business Saturday is great because it draws attention and celebrates what should be acknowledged anytime you buy something,” Campbell said.  

Campbell said buying from small business is much more personal than buying from a major retailer. 

“By buying from (small businesses), you are helping us ‘little people’ stick together,” Campbell said. “It is so much more personal buying from someone who handmakes their products and can customize specific needs rather than buying it from a company who mass produces with machines.” 

Campbell said, small business owners are trying to provide services to the community.  

“I sell scrunchies and masks which you can buy at pretty much any big store like Walmart or Target; but what some people don’t realize is that a lot of small businesses are trying to better their lives by providing a service to their community,” Campbell said.  

Campbell talked about the increased importance of supporting small business during the coronavirus pandemic.  

“Highlighting small businesses is important enough in itself but highlighting them during a pandemic is genuinely a make-or-break moment,” Campbell said. “Countless small businesses have already had to close their doors because they cannot financially compete with everyone staying home or only ordering online. Because Small Business Saturday is right before Christmas, it gives everyone the opportunity to realize what local options they have to buy from within their community.” 

Campbell said her sales have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

“My sales during this time have actually gone down this holiday season,” Campbell said. “Usually, I get a lot of people who want to get a customized scrunchy for their daughter or best friend, but because of this holiday season is in the middle of the pandemic, it has discouraged people. Many people are unemployed, or their hours are decreased, and they want to stay safe at home as well.” 

Campbell said she likes to have sales, especially around this time of year. 

“I like to have sales during certain holidays, and Small Business Saturday is one of them,” Campbell said. “I am hoping small business Saturday will benefit me, even if it is just capturing customers attention and helping them realize they have other options than just picking up from a chain store.” 

Campbell said she enjoys giving people a chance to customize items to their personality.  

“I never had intentions of having this huge business, or making a ton of money,” Campbell said. “I just really enjoy seeing and giving people something, they can customize to coincide with their personality. Even now that I have my small business license, I still have no intentions of going big. I just want people to have the opportunity to get something that they can use, and it still be very personal to them.”