Chattanooga, TN – According to the statement, the Chattanooga Police Department frequently received questions about how to handle traffic stops.

To address this, they provided a comprehensive guide for motorists encountering flashing lights in their rearview mirrors.

When motorists saw police lights, they were advised to signal and pull over to the right side of the road when it was safe to do so.

Staying calm and chatting politely with the officer was recommended. Drivers were cautioned to avoid sudden movements, especially reaching where the officer couldn’t see.

Drivers were reminded to have their license, insurance, and registration handy to speed up the process. Additionally, if a driver was carrying a weapon, it was crucial to inform the officer immediately to ensure transparency and safety for both parties.

Respect was highlighted as essential. Everyone deserved respect, and showing courtesy through words and actions could create a smoother and more cooperative atmosphere.

The department clarified that signing a ticket didn’t admit guilt. Drivers had the option to contest the ticket in court if they believed it was unfair.

For any uncertainties during the stop, motorists were encouraged to call the agency and ask for a supervisor. The department assured that they were there to help.