Nashville, TN – According to the police officials, the husband, later identified as 28-year-old Zacary, was arrested and later charged with multiple charges, including attempted murder, aggravated arson and other charged after he reportedly tried to kill his wife by stabbing and beating the woman.

After the man stabbed the woman nearly 10 times, he reportedly started punching her in the head before pouring gasoIine on her and setting their house on fire. This unfortunate incident occurred on Monday. The responding officers reportedly found the victim, with a knife still in her body. The woman was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries. The woman was able to tell investigators that she and Zacary had been in an argument that turned vioIent.

The victim’s sister, lIa, reportedly said that her sister Tesa arrived home from work only to be stabbed in the back by her 28-year-old husband. The man then proceeded to hit the woman in the face, leaving her seriously injured. The woman reportedly suffered around 10 stab wounds and more than 30 punches in the face, according to her sister. The 28-year-old husband then poured gasoline all over his wife and lit the woman on fire, while watching her burn. 

According to the responding officers, this unfortunate incident reportedly occurred while the parents’ children, 5 and 8, were watching and asking for their dad to not kill their mother. The family launched a fundraiser to raise money for medical expenses. The fundraiser reportedly stated that the victim is now paralyzed from the waist down, all of her ribs are broken and she has nine total stab wounds. During an interview with investigators, the husband reportedly admitted to the crime.