Jacksonville, FL – According to the police officials, the 22-year-old mom, later identified as IsabeIa, was arrested and later charged with negIect of a child after her 2-year-old child was found outside by himself, walking in the street. The investigation began on Monday after the 911 caller told the dispatcher that they found a little boy wandering around. The responding officers realized that the boy was found only 20 yards away from the water canal, which the boy could have easily accessed. 

The boy was able to leave his mom’s apartment while she was sleeping. Luckily, the little boy was not injured. Shortly after finding the child, authorities started searching for his parents. One of the officers reportedly found an open door from one of the apartments and was able to wake the mother from her sleep. The mother, who reportedly told the responding officers that she recently tested positive for weed and alcohol, confirmed that the child matches her son’s description. 

She reportedly told the responding officers that her son learned to lock/unlock doors and that became a problem for her. But, officers reportedly told her that her ‘job as a parent’ was to install child-proof locks. On Monday, the young mom reportedly tested positive for methadone, which according to the police officials is a narcotic.

Per reports, the Florida Department of Children and Families is also investigating this incident and currently working on a Safe Parenting Plan for the child. Sheriff StaIy released the following statement: “Obviously, this mother won’t be mother of the year unless she can turn her life around and put her child first instead of illegal drugs. This was a very sad situation that could have turned out a whole lot worse.”