CHATTANOOGA, Tenn – Gabe says using heroin during pregnancy was the worst decision she has made. Three years ago, her daughter, Avery, was born seven weeks premature, weighed only four-and-a-half pounds, and was on oxygen for two days. Gabe says her mother, Becky, took care of Avery until Gabe got sober a few months after giving birth, but when Gabe relapsed 14 months ago, Avery, again, went to live with her grandmother. “My mom and I had an agreement that I would complete outpatient treatment, and after – I would get Avery back,” claims Gabe. “All of a sudden, my mom tells me that I can no longer make decisions for Avery and that she’s going to remain in her care.” Gabe says she feels like Becky has taken her daughter from her and has no intention of giving her back. She claims she’s been in recovery for 10 months, says she’s worked “extremely hard” to stay sober, and deserves to have her daughter back, but Becky strongly disagrees. She claims that Gabe continues to make bad decisions, which Gabe adamantly denies. Watch the recap of Thursday’s episode above, then check here to find out where you can see more from Friday’s conclusion. Dr. Phil airs Monday through Friday. Check here for your local listing. WATCH: Grandma vs. Mom “Give Me Back My Daughter TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have family drama that needs Dr. Phil’s help?
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