Chattanooga, TN – Per reports, this multinational training endeavor is hosted at Bulgaria’s Novo Selo Training Site and is scheduled from May 14 to May 22.

The opening ceremony marked the initiation of a rigorous nine-day exercise where Tennessee Guardsmen will collaborate and train alongside military policemen from Bulgaria, Canada, Greece, North Macedonia, and Romania.

The primary objective is to enhance combat proficiency and ensure adherence to NATO standards for interoperability.

The training agenda encompasses a range of tasks, including military operations in urban settings, critical site security, detainee operations, improvised explosive device response, and medical evacuation procedures.

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Dye, commanding officer of the 117th Military Police Battalion, outlined the structure of the exercise, stating, “For the initial five days, each participating nation will engage in joint training activities at the squad and platoon levels.”

He further highlighted the presence of instructors from the 269th Military Police Company, who will lead various classes and training sessions during this period.

Following the intensive five-day training phase dedicated to honing military police skills, the participating nations will undertake a joint culminating exercise spanning three days.

This exercise aims to assess and enhance the collective proficiency of the allied forces while fostering greater coordination among them.