CHATTANOOGA, Tenn – Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has revealed how her husband, Doug Emhoff, will be officially addressed.

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Harris what Emhoff’s official moniker will be during a wide-ranging interview with the future veep and President-elect Joe Biden that aired Thursday.

“Is he the Second Gentleman?” Tapper asked about Emhoff, who will leave his job at law firm DLA Piper before Biden’s inauguration. “Is he the Second Dude? What should we be calling him?”

Harris laughed before responding: “Well, I think that the term has evolved into the Second Gentleman.”

“The Second Gentleman. OK. I like Second Dude, but I will defer,” Tapper replied.

Harris said, “I think some of his friends are inclined to say that.”

When Tapper asked if Harris could call him by the title, Harris responded: “No, I’ll call him honey.”