Chattanooga, TN – According to the state officials, the new deadline, set for Friday, May 31, aims to provide high school seniors and their families with additional time to complete their FAFSA applications and maintain eligibility for the state’s tuition-free higher education program.

The Tennessee Promise scholarship program presents eligible high school seniors with the opportunity to pursue a technical certificate or associate degree tuition-free, covering tuition and mandatory fees not otherwise addressed by other financial aid sources.

The decision to prolong the deadline reflects recognition of the ongoing challenges encountered by students and families as they navigate the complexities of the college application process, exacerbated by difficulties arising from the federal implementation of the new FAFSA.

Governor Bill Lee has addressed this year’s FAFSA rollout and subsequent deadline extension, acknowledging the unique obstacles faced by students during this period.

This extension seeks to alleviate some of the pressures and uncertainties surrounding the application process, ensuring that eligible students have ample opportunity to access the benefits of the Tennessee Promise scholarship program.