Chattanooga, TN – According to the state officials, this initiative aims to encourage and support students and families in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid by August 1, a crucial step towards securing thousands of dollars in college grants and scholarships, including the Tennessee Promise.

Despite Tennessee leading the nation in the percentage of high school seniors who have completed this year’s FAFSA, the latest national report reveals that only 58.5% of the state’s Class of 2024 high school graduates have completed the FAFSA so far this year. This marks a decline of nearly 11 percentage points compared to the same time last year.

Students and families can receive step-by-step assistance with the FAFSA application and ask questions at

Additionally, many community colleges and partner organizations throughout the state are hosting special in-person FAFSA nights and help sessions, providing direct one-on-one support. A comprehensive calendar of FAFSA support events across the state is available at

This campaign underscores THEC’s commitment to ensuring that more students and families take advantage of available financial aid opportunities, paving the way for higher education and future success.