Charleston, W.V. – According to the police officials, the 32-year-old mom, later identified as Brrooke, was arrested and taken into custody after she reportedly killed her 4-month-old baby. The mother was initially charged with child abuse and strangulation, but was later charged with death of a chiId by parent or guardian after the baby died in the hospital. 

The medical examiner told investigators that the baby suffered severe injuries, such as: brain bIeed and broken ribs. The baby also had bruises on his head and thr0at. The investigation began last week after doctors at the Children’s Hospital called 911 about seriously injured 4-month-old baby. 

The medical staff told investigators that the baby’s injuries were not accidental. The baby was taken off life support just 3 days after admitting to the hospital. During an interview with investigators, the baby’s mom reportedly said that ‘she may have squeezed her baby too hard when she was burping her.’ The mom reportedly explained to investigators that she placed her hand on the back of her baby’s head and probably squeezed too hard because she was irritated with the baby and herself.

When investigators asked the mother about the broken ribs (6), the mother reportedly said that she might have injured the baby when she picked her up. She also said that ‘she was irritated and squeezed the baby too hard.’ During an interview with investigators, the baby’s father reportedly said that his wife is suffering from postnataI depression. The unidentified man also said that his wife was very aggressive towards their child.