CHATTANOOGA, Tenn – A Chattanooga private school’s lab is helping process COVID-19 tests for employees with Hamilton County Schools.

In 2019, Hamilton County School officials partnered with One to One Health to make sure employees have access to healthcare. 

 Ashley Berry, vice president of clinical services at One to One Health, said the school system asked them to start performing COVID-19 tests for employees in July.

“We’re already providing clinic services for their employees so this was just an add-on for them,” said Berry.

She said these tests are free for all employees with Hamilton County Schools.

“We partner with the school nurses, they kind of screen the employees and recommend testing to us,” said Berry. 
She said the employees will be tested inside their car at One to One Health’s location on Riverfront Parkway in Chattanooga. 
“We just meet them at their car, fill out necessary paperwork and then have them perform a saliva test,” said Berry.