CHATTANOOGA, Tenn – The announcement came just hours after Politico first reported the Department of Defense unexpectedly fired several members of the advisory board — the latest shakeup at the Pentagon since the election.

  • The DoD said in a statement that Acting Secretary Christopher Miller thanked nine “outgoing going” members for “volunteering their time and talents” to the board.
  • Yes, but: According to Politico, members of the board received an email earlier on Friday from Joshua Whitehouse, the White House liaison to the Department of Defense, that simply read, “if you are receiving this e-mail, your membership on the Defense Business Board has expired or is coming to an end.”
  • At least three board members who received the email told Politico their tours on the board were far from ending.

What they’re saying: “I’m proud to welcome each of these new members to the Defense Business Board and I look forward to their contributions to help guide the Department’s business efforts in the coming years,” Miller said of the Friday appointments.

  • “These individuals have a proven record of achievement within their respective fields and have demonstrated leadership that will serve our Department, and our nation well.”
  • Friday’s appointments include: Henry Dreifus, Robert McMahon, Cory Mills, Bill Bruner, Christopher Shank, Joseph Schmidt, Keary Miller, Alan Weh, Earl Matthews,  Bossie and Lewandowski.
  • According to the Pentagon, the Defense Business Board “provides the Secretary of Defense and Deputy Secretary of Defense along with other senior leaders within the Department of Defense with independent advice on business management issues.”