CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- Chattanooga Community Kitchen held its annual Thanksgiving Day feast to help feed those in need.

Chief Operations Officer Dr. Jimmy Turner said thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year for the community kitchen.

He said there was no doubt they were going to have this meal, they just had to do it differently this year due to COVID.

Turner said the community kitchen wanted to keep it as close to a Thanksgiving Day meal as possible.

“Obviously it meant that we had to spread out our dining room a little bit. So we are actually using two spaces the dining room and the day center to give plenty of room for people to come in and sit down and eat. The tables wont have as many people sitting at them so we can help create that distance. All the staff and volunteers are wearing masks, they’re behind plastic shields, but were still serving the same food. We are still doing everything we can to keep it as much of thanksgiving as what people could hope for,” said Turner.