Charleston, S.C. – According to the police officials, the stepdad, later identified as 40-year-old lvy, who reportedly beat his stepchild, lsaiah, to death was taken into custody and later charged with multiple charges, including murder and chiId abuse. Police officials released a statement, saying that the 40-year-old man reportedly used a gun and a stick to beat the little boy to death. 

The responding officers later discovered that the boy’s mom, later identified as 34-year-old Samantha reportedly allowed the boy’s stepdad (SEE PHOTO) to beat him to death and did nothing to stop him. The medical examiner later revealed that the child’s death was a blunt force trauma to the head. The 13-year-old child also suffered other severe injuries all over his body. 

First responders rushed the severely beaten boy to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead 3 days later. This unfortunate incident occurred earlier this month. The boy’s mom was also charged and is being held without bond. 

The school officials shared a tribute about the 13-year-old victim, which stated: “Isaiah had an incredible gift for drawing, using colors and lines to create masterpieces that captivated his imagination. He possessed an innate ability to bring images to life on paper, expressing his thoughts, emotions, and dreams through his artistic creations.”