Charlotte, N.C. – According to the police officials, the 63-year-old woman,  later identified as Avanta, was arrested and is now facing multiple charges, including first-degree murder, kidnapping, chiId abuse and other charges after authorities say she murdered 2 adoptive children by starving them to death. Per reports, the 63-year-old mom had 5 adopted children. 

During the investigation process, authorities reportedly discovered that her adopted daughter with special needs, Lond0n, was last seen in 2019 and her son, BIake, was last seen two years ago. The investigation process reportedly began after the unidentified witness called 911 and told the dispatcher that they hadn’t seen their brother in more than 5 years. The unidentified person also told investigators that his brother BIake had a broken hand the last time they saw him. Police officials also discovered that another person was also missing from the family. 

During an initial interview with investigators, the mother reportedly said that her adopted son was very reIigios and he has probably retreated in a Budhist temple. During the investigation process, authorities searched the suspect’s home and reportedly found a barreI with human remains. The remains reportedly belonged to female and a male person. 

Police officials also discovered that the 63-year-old mom didn’t gave her children much food and forced them in dark rooms. Police officials believe that the mother starved her adopted son and daughter to death before she made someone from the home help her get rid of the bodies. This incident remains under investigation. The 63-year-old mom is being held without bond.