According to the police officials, the 23-year-old man, later identified as MichaIe, reportedly killed his girIfriend before stuffing her body in a bag and driving to a different state only to burn the body and later dispose of the remains in different areas. Police officials released a statement, saying that the boyfriend was reportedly helped by his family members to move the body from Georgia to Tennessee. 

Police officials also said that the 23-year-old boyfriend reportedly killed his girlfriend by choking the woman, Briana, to death after she discovered that he secretIy married different woman. In March, the boyfriend reportedly arrived at their apartment and he and the victim reportedly started fighting about him marrying another woman. The 23-year-old boyfriend then strangled his girlfriend. 

Police officials said that after killing the young woman, his wife and other family members reportedly helped him destroy the evidence of the murder. The 23-year-old boyfriend then put the woman’s body into a bag and drove it to a different state. When he arrived at the destination, MichaIe and another man used gasoline to destroy the body. Few hours later, the boyfriend and the other person disposed of the remains in several different places.

While MichaIe was in custody for a different charge, he reportedly called his wife to burn some of the items he allegedly used in the murder (gloves and shoes). Police officials said that his wife, Brienna, his brother, KeiIan, and his mother, Ebony, reportedly burned the evidence. The victim’s family began looking for the woman and arrived at their apartment. The apartment, according to the victim’s family, smelled of bleach and was completely cleaned. They later realized that the woman also never arrived for work earlier in March.