Milwaukee, WISCONSIN – According to the court documents, the 49-year-old boyfriend, later identified as Richard, was reportedly sentenced to spend his life behind bars without the possibility for parole after he reportedly murdered his 58-year-old girlfriend Rhonda last year. The 49-year-old defendant also killed his girlfriend’s female friend, 53-year-old PauIa.

During the trial, the 49-year-old boyfriend reportedly said that both victims attacked him first. Last year, officers responded to the Rhonda’s home after her daughter found her mom and her friend dead. The medical examiner told investigators that both victims suffered multiple stab wounds in the face area. During the fatal incident, the 49-year-old boyfriend was out on bond from a different charge in Ohio.

The boyfriend was reportedly taken into custody in Arkansas, nearly 12 hours after the victims’ bodies were found. During an interview with investigators, the 49-year-old man reportedly admitted to the killings. The 49-year-old boyfriend reportedly said that he saw his girlfriend and her friend engaging in intercourse after they came home from the local bar, highly intoxicated.

The man told authorities that he felt embarrassed by his girlfriend’s actions. The 49-year-old man also told investigators that he ‘lost it’ and is ‘guilty of killing his girlfriend and her friend’, but denied the stalking charges he faced in Ohio. According to the court documents, the 49-year-old boyfriend reportedly said that he plans to appeal his conviction.