CHATTANOOGA, Tenn – ‘Tis the season! Thanksgiving is over and the holiday season is well on its way! We’re seeing people put up their trees everywhere! And those who have cats know more than anyone how this next month will be.

The age-old classic, cats vs Christmas trees. It’s a yearly segment that we never get tired of because there’s always new and hilarious content out there of cats destroying or plotting to destroy that highly decorated tree. Will the humans win this year and have their tree up all season? Or are they simply doomed and their cats shall be the ones to decide their faith?

Sweet darlings cats, if there’s one universal truth is that they have this need to be within that tree, they have a desire to attack those ornament, to take down the tree entirely. They can’t help it, they are programmed to destroy that tree. Who was it that programmed that function is not known to us, but we have reason to believe it was a higher power…. ceiling cat, perhaps?