According to the police officials, the 40-year-old mom, later identified as Latonia, and her 41-year-old boyfriend, later identified as Terence, were arrested and later charged with multiple charges after they reportedly lit the woman’s chiId on fire before shooting her. The mother and her boyfriend reportedly shot the 15-year-old chiId, who was not identified due to her age, two times before they drove to a different state (from Louisiana to Texas) with the injured girl. 

Last month, authorities started their investigation after a car crash. The responding officers found the 41-year-old boyfriend with a weapon in his hands and the 15-year-old child in the back seat. They rushed the girl to the hospital, where doctors discovered that the girl was shot twice and suffered severe burns over her body. 

During an initial interview with investigators, the mom’s boyfriend reportedly said that he shot the child following an argument. The 41-year-old man also told investigators that he se-ually abused the 15-year-old chiId for months. The 41-year-old boyfriend also told investigators that the chiId was burned 2 months before he shot her, but the girl’s mom was ‘taking care of her’ at home.

According to L&C, another child, who was in the same car, reportedly told investigators that she saw Latonia holding alcohol and a lighter over her 15-year-old’s daughter, before setting the girl on fire. The girl also said that the 15-year-old victim was shot two times. The mom’s boyfriend also confirmed that his girlfriend set her daughter on fire because she ‘blamed the 15-year-old child for her boyfriend’s se-ual abuse.