Chattanooga, TN – According to the state officials, this fresh initiative, named Bike Tennessee, has been officially launched today at, offering cyclists the opportunity to discover these routes via the Ride with GPS app.

Tennessee has proudly earned the title of Ambassador for the renowned cycling app Ride with GPS, ensuring seamless accessibility to all 52 routes through the platform.

Each of the Bike Tennessee routes has been meticulously mapped out, guaranteeing cyclists access to comprehensive navigation and route details.

Detailed ride descriptions provide valuable insights into the terrain, key waypoints, hidden treasures along the journey, and customizable modifications to suit individual preferences.

These routes have been thoughtfully curated in collaboration with Shannon Burke, a seasoned professional cycling guide from Velo View Bike Tours, boasting over a decade of experience in leading cycling expeditions.

Prioritizing safety and scenic beauty, the routes encompass a total of 1,739 miles, spanning across 53 counties within Tennessee.

Cyclists can expect predominantly rural, low-traffic experiences, traversing some of Tennessee’s most iconic and historically rich landscapes, with 14 routes even winding through Tennessee State Parks.