Chattanooga, TN – State officials released a statement, saying that this initiative serves as a timely reminder for all boaters to refresh their boating safety knowledge and prepare for the upcoming boating season.

National Safe Boating Week marks the beginning of the annual Safe Boating Campaign, a global effort aimed at promoting responsible boating practices.

During this observance week, boaters are encouraged to prioritize safety and make the most of their boating experience by adhering to safety guidelines.

Taking place just before Memorial Day weekend, National Safe Boating Week sees boating partners across the United States and Canada collaborating to underscore the importance of safe boating practices.

A key focus of this campaign is the promotion of wearing life jackets, both during National Safe Boating Week and throughout the entire 2024 boating season.

The TWRA, along with its partner organizations, remains dedicated to educating the boating community about the critical role of life jackets in ensuring safety on the water.

Efforts are underway to inform boaters about lightweight and comfortable life jacket options, emphasizing their effectiveness in enhancing boating safety.

Through these collective endeavors, the TWRA aims to foster a culture of responsible boating and minimize the risk of accidents on Tennessee’s waterways.