Ladies and gentlemen, you should definitely put your phone/smartphone on flight mode the next time you’re flying.  When you sit down on the plane, one of the first things you hear before taking off is the request to put your phone on flight mode. But what happens when you don’t do this? Does it really make that much of a difference? We’ve got the answer. Can you disrupt the telecommunication systems with your phone?


You don’t need to be afraid that the plane will crash if you don’t put your phone on flight mode. The cockpit can still receive communications if you leave your phone on, but your phone can cause interference. This doesn’t have any grave consequences, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t turn off your phone or put it into flight mode anyway.


Apart from interference, your phone can cause something else that’s really annoying to the pilots. Not putting your phone on flight mode can cause the pilots and air traffic controllers to hear a very unpleasant sound. The noise is similar to what you hear when you put your phone or a microphone too close to a speaker. So, from now one, simply listen to the instructions and put your phone on flight mode!