CHATTANOOGA – The Chattanooga Fire Department has been very busy the last few weeks, and it’s no accident.

“Investigators have determined that a number of the fires were intentionally set.”

That includes the two fires on Friday.

They charged a suspect with the business fires on Hixson Pike.

But they do not believe any of the others are connected with each other.

Here are the suspected arsons in July:

7-4-20 Hixson Pike business fires- arson arrest made, suspect accused of setting fire to both locations

7-21-20 Harris Lane fire- arson

7-22-20 Old Birds Mill Road fire- arson

7-23-20 Shannon Ave fire- arson

7-25-20 W 37th St duplex fire- arson

7-29-20 12th Avenue fire- arson

7-30-20 Laws Avenue fire- arson

7-31-20 Old Lee Highway trailer fire- arson

At 7:05 AM today, multiple crews were dispatched to the 7000 block of Old Lee Highway on a possible residential structure fire. There was a fire in a bedroom in the back of a home. Firefighters entered the structure and extinguished the fire. CFD investigators say there’s evidence the fire was deliberately set.

7-31-20 E 46th  Street Place– a fire this afternoon at a boarded up house.  Since there was no power to the home, investigators believe this one was also intentionally set.