The lifeless body of a 2-month-old baby was found stuffed inside a duffel bag packed with ice at the Scottish Inn Suites in Texas. The police found out about the baby after a 911 call was made, informing the operator about a baby that had lost her life at least 48 hours before. After receiving the tip, the police arrived at the hotel to find the 32-year-old mother inside the room along with children’s toys and clothes around her. The police asked her several times about her baby girl, but she kept evading their questions.

Moments later, Nikki began crying with a rifle in her hand and told the officers about her baby and said, “it was an accident.” As she started yelling, she claimed the baby had a seizure and that she woke up to find her daughter cold and lying face down on the bed beside her. The mother grew frantic and then hid herself behind a wall before the police eventually came back to the hotel room with a search warrant.

Since Nikki was not ready to comply with the officers, she was taken into custody, after which officers conducted a search in the room and found the horrific sight of the baby hidden away inside a built-in cabinet case in the room. Inside the pink duffel bag that the officers found, they saw a plastic bag filled with ice, and it also contained the corpse of Nikki’s baby girl.

While speaking to the police, Nikki claimed that she kept the child’s dead body for about two days before starting to notice a “smell” along with “bubbles” appearing at her daughter’s nostrils. She then placed the child’s body inside the bag with ice until a person named “J” arrived and offered to help bury the dead baby. “J” even bought a shovel for the child’s burial, but after getting into a fight with Nikki, the person left both Nikki and the lifeless baby in the room and left.

The police also asked Nikki why she hadn’t called for an ambulance after finding her baby unresponsive. And to this, she allegedly responded saying: “It was too late. She wasn’t breathing. What were they going to do?”

Upon investigation, the police identified the child’s father as Glenn Rainer Jr., who told them that since the birth of their daughter, Nikki has constantly been moving around with the infant from one motel room to the other. Almost every day, Glenn would talk to Nikki through FaceTime, and she would include their daughter in the video so that the father could see her. However, Glenn told the officers that Nikki refused to show the baby girl on camera during a video call on September 27, 2020, two days before the police received a tip and arrived at the motel room.

Since the 2-month-old baby was found dead in the hotel room in September, 2020, Nikki was on the run for a while until police officers brought her into custody in April, 2021. She currently remains behind bars after being charged with tampering with a human corpse, child endangerment, and aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.