Chattanooga, TN – Unfortunately, this year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s not the usual traditional service. This year, the church chose to give parishioners the chance to catch the service on live stream. A last year, the church offered three Christmas Eve services.

Two Christmas Day services and their traditional Latin Midnight mass.

Father David Carter said:

“It allowed us to space those things out. We did notice that not as many people came. We had factors like the coronavirus first of all, then the weather last night was really cold and then it started to snow and I think that in general, people are just a little more weary and they are making good decisions and that’s what we want to emphasize.”

Many people have been contacting Father David to apologize for not attending mass this year because of exposure or a positive COVID test. Something that he says he appreciates.

He also added:

“So, people are making good decisions and that will allow other people that aren’t experiencing those symptoms and aren’t around anyone with Coronavirus to be able to come, gather and continue to praise God in the church. 2020 is almost over. Oh Lord, please let it come quickly, come quickly. But, we look forward to celebrating a new year, full of God’s graces and blessings. We believe and trust that with proper precautions and due measures we will be able to make it.”

Just like the rest of us, Father David cannot wait for the New Year and a fresh start.