A 1-year-old girl in Illinois was killed by her family’s dog just days after her birthday when she got too close to its food bowl. The family members say she was attacked by the female pitbull after she approached the animal while it was eating last week. The dog is said to have reacted aggressively, biting her on the head. Her two uncles then fought to pry the animal away, before the young girl was rushed to the hospital.

Family friend Cory Painter said: “The baby walked by the dog as she was eating and reached for her food.”

Sadly, her injuries were severe, and she passed away on March 18.

The dog had been with the family for four years, and has been taken into custody by animal control.

The Sangamon County Coroner’s Office and Springfield Police Department are investigating A’myrikal’s death.

This tragic happening must serve as a reminder that the utmost caution should always be adhered where little children and pets are concerned. No child should lose their life in this manner, and we must all strive to ensure it never happens again.